Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation in which the client feels safe, comfortable and secure.  The client is in control at all times and can accept information and suggestions which they agree with and are in line with the changes they are ready to make in their lives.  A therapist cannot make a person do something they do not agree with or something they do not want to do.

The information and suggestions are offered to create positive mindsets changes to the beliefs and values held by the unconscious mind to support direct improvements in the clients mental focus and day to day choices and actions.

The client is in a state between waking and sleeping and it can vary greatly of how much the client can recall after the session.  Regardless of how much they can recall, the suggestions have gone directly to the unconscious mind to integrate.

Hypnotherapy can be a deeply relaxing and empowering tool for improvements in health, confidence, habits, relationships and business.

Hypnotherapy can be used successfully for a wide range of symptoms including…

Habits and compulsive behaviours:

Smoking, Drinking, Overeating / Weight Loss, Nail biting, Stuttering, Gambling, Procrastination

Nervous and Neurosis Issues:

Anxiety, Depression, Nervous Tension, Sleep Disorders, Shyness, Phobias and most Neurotic behaviours.

Confidence / Ego boosting:

Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Memory Retention, Concentration exercises, Self Hypnosis, Relation techniques and training methods for self improvement plus much more!

Physical Issues:

Pain Control, Pre & Post Surgery Recovery & Preparation, Mental Attitudes to Illness / Conditions, Promote Accelerated Healing, Snoring plus much more.